Molten Chocolate Vegan Protein Cake – Ve-POWER

Molten Chocolate Vegan Protein Cake

You may have only thought of protein powder in relation to smoothies and hitting the gym, but you can also use it in baking. This gluten-free cake is made from a blend of Vegan Protein Powder, almond butter, and Date syrup to make it less of a guilty pleasure and more of a dessert with benefits and no butter or sugar required.


1 Scoop Of Protein Powder (I used Ve-POWER Diet Power which is perfect for cooking)
1/8 cup gluten-free self-raising flour
115ml almond milk
1/8 cup cocoa powder (18.5g)
2 tbsp (32g) cashew butter
1 tbsp (13g) date syrup (or your natural sweetener of choice)
Stevia drops to taste or your sweetener of choice


1. In a bowl, whisk everything together and divide into two silicone muffin cups , they’re handy for muffins and chocolate protein cups).

2. Bake at 215 C (425F) for around 8 minutes. Keep an eye of them so they don’t over-bake and take them out as soon as the top is cooked but still soft.

3. Turn them over on a plate and top with your favorite dairy free vanilla ice cream and syrup on top! You can use either zero-calorie syrup, chocolate sauce, a bit of melted dark chocolate or just some date syrup like I did here :)

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