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Plant Based Vegan Meals You Should Try Before You Die

20 High Protein Vegan Meals You Should Try Before You Die!

Stacked Enchilada Pie Tofu Soba Noodles Seitan Panang Curry Quinoa Lentil Salad Italian-Style Spaghetti Squash with Tempeh Avocado & White...
Healthy Foods

5 Very Healthy Foods You Should be Eating on a Regular!

Most trendy diets share a list of off-limit foods, which can range from beans to whole grains and sugar. However, there are some foods considered s...
Vegan lunch falafel Mediterranean

Easy-cook Middle Eastern Vegan Lunch

Simple to prep, filling and full of flavour; this vegan lunch recipe will get you through the week and take the work out of meal prepping! Ideal fo...
superfood smoothie

Avocado, Kale and Spinach, Banana & Kiwi Smoothie

Smoothies are an easy way to drink a generous amount of leafy, green vegetables while disguised as a creamy green shake. This one has just enough s...
Molten Chocolate Vegan Protein Cake made with vegan protein powder.

Molten Chocolate Vegan Protein Cake

You may have only thought of protein powder in relation to smoothies and hitting the gym, but you can also use it in baking. This gluten-free cake ...
Tasty Vegan Protein Balls with Plant Based Protein Powder

Chomp On My Vegan Protein Balls!!

5 of the tastiest vegan protein recipes!! These balls are perfect for a pre workout snack or to give you some energy throughout the day.

A tasty Vegan Meal replacement protein shake mixed berry flavour.

Mixed Berry Meal Replacement Smoothie

In a rush and want a healthy nutritious breakfast? Have a go at this tasty mixed berry meal replacement packed with fruit, 13 different super foods, slow release carbs and a hefty protein punch!!