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5 Reasons you should drink smoothies

Why are we so sick?

With heart disease killing more than 7.1million per year and expecting to rise to 11 million by 2030, cancer killing more than 7.9 million per year and 2 out of every 3 Americans over the age of 20 are classed as obese we are in the middle of a serious health epidemic!!

The Vast majority of these diseases and conditions are preventable and can be directly linked to the consumption of a 'western diet' which consists of to many high sugar, processed foods or animal products and not enough fruit or veg.

Smoothies and slowing down the aging process.

Every cell in our body has a lifespan and when it dies it gets replaced with a new cell. Over the course of the next 7 years every cell in your body will regenerate. The cell replacement process is fascinating but also imperfect as the new cells contain small errors and this is what causes us to age. The aging process becomes accelerated by the amounts of free radicals that we consume on a daily basis and thing like smoking,, drinking and eating meat and processed food increases the errors in the newly developed cells hence aging us quicker and increasing chances of disease. Drinking freshly made fruit, veg and wholefood smoothies will slow down the aging process, limit imperfections in new cells and hence give us a longer healthier life!!

The importance of drinking your food!!

In today's busy world whether we are pushed for a tight work deadline we do not take the time to prepare healthy meals or even properly chew what we eat!! Doing this make extra work for our digestive system as it attempts to extract nutrients from poorly extracted chewed food. Over time the the weekend stomach acids as a result of age cannot break down foods enough to utilize the nutrition inside. Overtime with our body daily to absorb nutrients day after day we become weaker and weaker and more vulnerable for disease.Even when we eat healthy,our digestive system has a hard time accessing the vitamins,minerals and phytonutrients found in the good food we eat. This is where smoothies come into play!!! When fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts are broken down it makes it much easier for our body to extract the nutrients and absorb the goodness into our body!!.

How many smoothies should i have?

We have found best results and felt more alive when we have  had 2 smoothies per day as this will add around 5-10 servings of raw,nutrition filled fruits and vegetables to your day and will have an astounding effect on how you look and feel. First of all you will notice a burst of energy that you never knew you had in you Second of all you will achieve wellness  meaning fewer aches & pains, deeper sleeps and most importantly better mood and energy levels. Within a few days you will see extra room in your waistline, a glow to your skin, shiny hair and a sparkle in your eye.

Add years to your life!!!

By adding 5-10 extra servings of nutrition fruit or veg  you could very well be adding years to your life by preventing chronic diseases that plaque humanity as we age. This could include Cancer, Diabetes and other auto immune disorders. Who wants to spend the golden years of your life in hospital waiting rooms when you could be chasing your grandchildren around instead!!!!

How to make the perfect smoothie

There are 100s of combinations that make a great smoothie however we working with the following as a guideline will give you the access to the most nutrients.

50% Leafy Greens (Around 2 cups/handfulls)

50% fruits- You can choose any fruit that you like.

1/4 cup of a booster such as Seeds, Nuts or goji berries.

A scoop of our super greens blend!!

What is Supergreens and where can i get it?

Super Greens is a powdered blend of nutrient rich superfoods, clinically proven to carry a wide range of benefits to overall health and vitality. This supplement provides a quick and easy injection of goodness into your daily diet.

Super Greens powder is full of naturally occurring goodness and is packed with effective doses of high value natural compounds including spirulina, spinach, barley, broccoli and kale. Super Greens is packed with powerful antioxidants, essential vitamins and minerals.

Let us know your results at info@ve-power.co.uk after trying 2 smoothies a day as we love to hear how good people are feeling!

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