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Tobey Maguire

He was once our favourite neighbourhood superhero, now Tobey Maguire dedicates his off-screen life to saving the life of animals by speaking loud and proud about his change from eating meat and meat related products to adopting a Vegan lifestyle.

Tobey route to Vegan started in 1992 when he became a vegetarian, he says his eyes were opened when he realised what the meat production process consisted of before the end product actually reached his plate. Once his eyes were opened, it was difficult for him to turn back and in 2004 his conscious led him to go all out and become a Vegan!

Tobey has openly stated in interviews that the smell of leather makes him sick to the core and as a result has banned leather along with all other animal clothing from his many houses. It has been rumoured he even tells his guests to leave their belts, shoes, and handbags outdoors! Well done Tobey...

Actress Natalie Portman praised Tobey and his strict approach to being a dedicated Vegan when she worked alongside the actor in 2008, she went on to take an interest into turning Vegan herself afterwards! Tobey has boasted about his love for nuts and tofu on many occasions saying he adds them to just about every dish he has.

Well done Tobey, we here at Ve-POWER salute you!

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