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Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen DeGeneres known by most for her ability to make anybody feel good, coming out the closet as Lesbian at a time when same sex relationships wasn't looked at in the same light as it is today and of course Finding Nemooooo! Not to mention her highly rated talk show The Ellen Show. 

But none of these great accomplishments are the reason we've decided to include Ellen in our list... If you didn't know Ellen DeGeneres is a Vegan! And has been one for a while now :) She even has a section on her The Ellen DeGeneres Show's website dedicated to people wanting to go Vegan, here she suggests to meat eaters who are interested in turning Vegan to start off with what she likes to call 'Meatless Mondays'! Which is a great idea for those who think cutting out meat is an impossible task.

It's always good to see a well known, loved celebrity use their platform to promote greatness, positivity and Veganism! Her background as a comedian means she is able to touch the hearts of people in America and around the world by allowing them to forget about their daily problems and laugh.

Well done Ellen, we here at Ve-POWER salute you!

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