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What Are BCAA's? And Why Do You Need Them

What Is BCAA?

The branched-chain amino acids (BCAA) are leucine, isoleucine, and valine. They are considered essential amino acids because human beings cannot survive unless these are present in a daily diet and BCAA's are the building blocks of protein. And of course, you can’t build muscle without them.

Vegan BCAA is entirely plant-based, whereas standard formulas might actually have some, if not all, of their aminos sourced from duck feathers or human hair (Yuck). Luckily for you our tasty Vegan BCAA supplement is sourced from sunflower seeds. 

BCAA are the primary force behind muscle repair and building.

They have multiple properties that enhance the growth process above and beyond normal amino acids.

As an essential amino acid, BCAAs have an important role to play in stimulating protein synthesis, which is a major part of the muscle mass equation of muscle mass = rate of protein synthesis – rate of protein breakdown. You’re breaking down protein when you work out, but if you aren’t synthesizing protein in return, you’re actually breaking down muscle tissue rather than building muscle growth. Because bodybuilders are concerned with overall calorie intake and fat loss, they feel they need to replace important muscle recovery elements like  Ve-Power BCAA replenish in order to make sure their workouts are actually effective and to avoid needed to consume a lot of extra calories in order to recover.


If you’ve been researching BCAAs, you’ve probably seen a lot of advice about when to take them. During your workout! First thing in the morning! On an empty stomach only! When you have a rest day! With a meal!

Let’s get it straight. Our trainers and nutritionists recommend that you take BCAAs during your workouts, throughout the day on non-training days, and between meals.

In short, you can be pretty flexible about when you take BCAAs, as long as you’re not forcing them to compete with other nutrients in your digestive system to get absorbed. If you take BCAAs right after your protein shake or with your dinner, you’ll absorb less of them than if you take them between meals or during your workout (when your stomach is probably pretty empty). If you don’t exercise on an empty stomach or if you snack a lot throughout the day, first thing in the morning might be the best time to take your BCAAs.

Conclusion on Vegan BCAA

Study after study shows how important it is to take a BCAA supplement and our Vegan BCAA Replenish has been formulated to help build muscle, prevent muscle breakdown and also for HIIT and endurance exercising with the added electrolytes.

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