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3 Crazy Diets That Actually Exist!!!

3 Crazy Diets that Actually exist

Anybody that has ever done any of their own independent research has found out that a plant based diet is an easy way to stay in shape, feel more energetic and help prevent and in some cases reverse serious critical illnesses. It confuses us at Ve-Power as to why anybody would not be following a plant based diet, but what baffles us more is why anybody would ever try any of these 3 crazy diets!!


1.The Cotton Ball Diet.

Vegan Protein supplement diet

Weight loss expert David Edelson, M.D has explained that some of the worlds biggest models and dancers have been eating cotton balls in attempt to make themselves feel full and not to overeat (Yes this is actually a thing). This diet involves consuming cotton balls soaked in liquids such as smoothies and comes with some serious health risks. Not only can the cotton ball cause choking but due to the toxins in the synthetic ingredients the balls can cause organ damage over time. These people need to be educated as eating a high fibre whole food diet will make them feel fuller longer without the health risks.


2. The Tapeworm Diet

STrange vegan diets

As disgusting as this may sound in the early 1920s people were purchasing pills with tapeworms in them. The theory behind this is that the tapeworm would eat some of our food, so that you would lose weight without even trying as the tapeworm would consume the calories from the food you eat. Th3e issue with this (apart from knowingly ingesting a parasite) is that tapeworms do not just eat calories they also absorb some vital nutrients and caused major vitamin deficiencies. Lets hope nobody is still trying this diet today!!


3. The Sleeping Beauty Diet


Vegan Sleeping Beauty

This ridiculous diet works on the basis that if you are asleep you cannot eat (who thinks of these things?) This diet encourages people to take sedatives to stay asleep for days on end so they will not eat. The Dangers of this diet is that not only does it starve your body of nutrients, cause severe muscle deterioration but it also runs the risk of you not waking up!!


People will try these crazy diet fads that have not been tested nor are they backed by any science but will refuse to give up animal products that will have them losing weight in no time!! This is why at Ve-Power it is our mission to help spread the word of a plant based diet and help educate people that need it(in our books anybody eating cotton balls or worms definitely need it.





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  • I can’t believe people would actually do this to their bodies, but then again with the way society revolves around what you see on the outside, are they really to blame?? Thank you for this blog Ve power!


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