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Help The Environment- Climate change, water use, forest destruction, river pollution, floods, dead zones in the sea: the impacts of animal farming are massive and global; in many cases greater than those of anything else we do,” explains the article.
The author details how subsidies encourage dairy farmers in the U.K. to produce milk in excess of demand and also observes that people’s attitudes about farming and eating meat have played their part in creating an incredibly unsustainable system that is literally destroying the planet. These problems aren’t isolated to the U.K. The U.S. dairy industry has a record of egregious water pollution. In fact, animal excrement and other agricultural runoff from large-scale farms have polluted nearly one-third of rivers in the U.S.

Our Vegan protein powders are not just great for your body! They are also great for the environment as crops for plant based protein requires less land, water and other resources compared to whey powders.

No Added Sugar-Drinking and eating sugar in excess is an epidemic that is wreaking havoc on the health of people .During the past few years, you may have seen the shocking news reports about the increasing rate of childhood obesity and type 2 diabetes. Sugar consumption has risen 1500 percent in the last 200 years!! In the UK today, the average person consumes 150 pounds of sugar a year.  That equates to about 50 teaspoons of sugar a day.  

All of our supplements are sweetened with natural stevia. Stevia has a fraction of the calories compared to refined sugar and has also been proven to suppress cravings for sweet food!! We offer you amazing tasting plant based products without the need for any added sugar!


Ive just tried the Mixed Berry Vegan Isolate- its one of the best plant based proteins ive tried. Really smooth and creamy, not over sweet, all natural ingredients and tastes great and mixes really well! Great stuff! Thank you!

Julia Hubbard Vegan Figure Pro

Finally a brand that is affordable and effective! I’ve struggled for a while using other brands but have not been able to sustain the financial exploitation that they impose. Ve-POWER also has one of the highest protein per serving and per kg making it the best value for money. Most importantly it mixes well and tastes good!

Luke James